Animation Worksheep is an intensive animation workshop aimed at animators and people who are passionate about animation from Romania and The Republic of Moldova, who are over 18 years old. Those who will be selected to participate will get the chance to experiment over a period of three weeks with all sorts of animation, storytelling and video editing techniques, guided by industry specialists, in an atmosphere similar to that of a large scale animation studio.

The 16th edition of Animation Worksheep took place at CINETic Centre in Bucharest, from March 17th to April 8th.

Participation is free - in addition, workshop participants who are not from Bucharest will be provided with transportation and accommodation.


The results of this edition are a new episode in the epic story of the Călușari:

a music video for the the track „Enter Exit” off of Mischa Blanos' new EP:

and a print & play board game based on the Călușarii universe, accompanied by a digital app, which will be available soon.


The trainers of the 16th edition were:

Vlad Ilicevici / Radu C. Pop / Alex Minciună / Ana Cătălina Dobrescu / Silviu Matei / Radu Popovici

Balázs Turai (director & animator, AMOK - Cristal for a Short Film, Annecy 2022)

& Mauro Carraro (writer, director, animator)


Over the course of these three weeks, the participants attended a series of talks about animation, cinema, gaming & new media, held by professionals who are active in these areas:

Dan Panaitescu (2D & 3D animator)

Anca Damian (Aparte film, director)

Bogdan Lazăr (Wave VFX, 3D animator) /

Andrei Brovcenco (Framebreed, director & 3D animator) /

Mădălin Truică (freelancer, 2D & 3D animator, WB Studios, Netflix etc)

Ioana Șopov (freelance illustrator & animator, Bear & Breakfast) /

Luiz Stockler (freelancer, director & 2D animator)

Matei Branea (director, animator & professor - UNATC) -

Alexandru Berceanu (theater and new media director, cultural manager and researcher - UNATC

Andrei Iancu (video editor - Worksheep Studio)


Project organized by Asociația Estenest.

Cultural project co-financed by The National Cultural Fund Administration

In collaboration with CINETic & UNATC.

Partners: TVPaint Développement, The Liszt Institute - The Hungarian Cultural Center Bucharest & Echoes Haus.


This project does not necessarily represent the point of view of The National Cultural Fund Administration. The AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project, nor for the ways in which the results of this project will be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the financing beneficiary.